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Useful links about our area.

veduta Modica barocca

Map of Modica

(baroque centre)
scorcio di Ragusa Ibla unesco

Map of Ragusa

(baroque itinerary)
Scicli via Mormino Penna centro storico unesco

Map of Scicli

(baroque centre)
cattedrale di Noto

Map of Noto

(baroque centre)
grotta Cava Ispica

Archaelogical park of Cava Ispica

mulino ad acqua cava Ispica - macina farina

“Cavallo d’Ispica” water mill


Looking for food and wine tours?
Here are our suggestions to discover our selection of well-known companies.

Chocolate of Modica

pacchetto sensoriale pietre nere resort Modica

A travel through history that links the County of Modica to Spain and finally finds its roots in the wonderful civilization of Aztecs: we are talking about Modica chocolate and its characteristics to discover with the visit of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Aromatic plants

pacchetto sensoriale pietre nere resort Modica

An olfactory itinerary to discover aromatic plants of which our territory of Iblei is rich, accompanied by an expert and passionate guide: visit the Gli Aromi in Scicli.

Olive oil

pacchetto sensoriale pietre nere resort Modica

It is possible to recognize the quality and the origin of an extra virgin olive oil, simply tasting it. We suggest you a vertical guided tasting of five oils at Fratelli Aprile Company in Scicli.


pacchetto sensoriale pietre nere resort Modica

A travel to discover the great wines of south-east of Sicily in one of the two Cantina Planeta (Buonivini in Noto or Dorilli in Vittoria).