Every goal is an event to celebrate.

The attention we pay both for the organizational set-up and for your preferences, the top quality of our cuisine, the careful selection of the best labels and the finest sparkling wines are all important steps for the success of your great event.

In order to leave lasting memories
any details must be flawless.

dettaglio cestino pane
buvette banchetto matrimonio
allestimento banchetti esterno
esempio allestimento tavolo sposi
dettaglio bouquet matrimonio
dettaglio posate banchetto

Rely on us for your most beautiful day.

sposa al pietre nere resort

The words which describe your marriage are countless. We hope for a “simply” unforgettable wedding day at the Pietre Nere Resort.

From the appetizer to the triumphant wedding cake, between taste and refinement, your experience has to be moving and enchanting. It will be an honor and a pleasure to assist you in this very special day.

Check the availability of our restaurant for the event you want to celebrate by filling in the form. Thank you.